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Visualising Netarchive Harvests

  An overview of website harvest data is important for both research and development operations in the netarchive team at Det Kgl. Bibliotek. In this post we present a recent frontend visualisation widget we have made. From the SolrWayback Machine … Continue reading

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Watch the watchers when using AngularJS

The last couple of months we have been improving and porting our library search interface frontend to AngularJS. However great Angular’s two-way bindings are they can greatly impact performance and lately I have been looking into how we use them … Continue reading

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Using lineman and maven together

tl;dr: Want to use lineman and maven together? Get the lineman-maven-plugin. At the State and University Library we have traditionally been using Java, JSP and related technologies for our web frontend development. Of course with a healthy dose of javascript … Continue reading

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Webscale in danish

It does count as web scale if you actually index the web, right? The danish part of the web at least, which is not at all easy to define. Nevertheless Netarkivet currently has 372 TB of harvested data, which translates … Continue reading

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Searching in the dark

Building indexes of semi-classified material and making a integrated search between structured and non-structured data. Continue reading

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Usability testing Summa Search

We recently did a usability test of the library’s Summa based search engine – known as Search. To ensure objectivity the test was headed by Julia from UNI-C and was done as a think-out-loud test with eight users from the … Continue reading

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XSLTs for inspiration

We have decided to publish the XSLTs used for the Search website at the State and University Library, Århus, Denmark. The files are provided “as-is” under the MIT License. They are meant to be used as a source of inspiration, … Continue reading

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Learning how to comminicate and cooprate in teams

Yesterday we all went to get a brush-up on how to communicate and make better teams. Actually, it was not only us, but the whole it department totaling to 42 bodies. The man to guide us was Ejnar, a former … Continue reading

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Summa Ubiquity Command

Some time ago I played around with a new Firefox extension called Ubiquity. It is a graphical keyboard user interface allowing the user to easily execute various commands without cluttering up the interface with buttons. I have created a summa … Continue reading

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Alternative Super Suit

Not all of us can be Supermen. Michael for instance chose something else entirely…

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