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Large facet corpus, small result set

Primer Each time a user issues a search in our primary corpus, we perform faceting on 19 different fields. Some of those fields have a low amount of unique values (year, language, classification), some of them are quite heavy (author, … Continue reading

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Fire fire everywhere

Searching at Statsbiblioteket has been slow the last couple of days and the condition has grown progressively worse. Yesterday evening and this morning, using the system required the patience of a parent. Consequently the full tech stack congregated at the … Continue reading

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The right tool – neo4j?

Background We use a backing storage for documents in our home brewed search system Summa. It was supposed to be a trivial key-value store with document-IDs resolving to documents. Then an evil librarian pointed out that books are related to … Continue reading

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The road ahead

When we’re Out There at conferences or visiting other libraries, we’re sometimes asked why we bother “developing our own search engine”. It is a really good question. One that we ask ourselves from time to time, to make sure we’re … Continue reading

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New Blood

Mikkel – one of the core Summa developers – has decided to move on. He will be working for Canonical which has been his dream job for years, so we can only wish him the best of luck. Mikkel has … Continue reading

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Experimental GUI for code4lib

For this year’s code4lib Jørn and I had prepared an demo called Kill the Search Button. The demo has an experimental GUI and boasts some of the ideas and concepts we’ve developed over the last few years when working with … Continue reading

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Juglr, Higgla, and DidYouMean

A productive day today! Summa DidYouMean Henrik and I sat down and pushed a preliminary did-you-mean service to Summa trunk. It’s to be considered pre-alpha quality at this stage, but it will be mature for Summa 1.5.2. It’s based on … Continue reading

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