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Do the giraffe

Over at a guy is collecting … well, one million giraffes. More precisely, he’s asking people to upload images of giraffes they’ve made themselves. He’s had 856 647 so far. Today we sent him the office version of a … Continue reading

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Experimental GUI for code4lib

For this year’s code4lib Jørn and I had prepared an demo called Kill the Search Button. The demo has an experimental GUI and boasts some of the ideas and concepts we’ve developed over the last few years when working with … Continue reading

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Usability testing Summa Search

We recently did a usability test of the library’s Summa based search engine – known as Search. To ensure objectivity the test was headed by Julia from UNI-C and was done as a think-out-loud test with eight users from the … Continue reading

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All the cake you can carry

Today is annual eat-all-the-cake-you-can-eat-or-carry in the cantina. The concept is straightforward: 62 cakes. 20 kroner. One plate. Obviously we have a strong tradition of commemorating this day. This year was no exception. (Actually, this year the concept celebrates its 10th … Continue reading

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Learning how to comminicate and cooprate in teams

Yesterday we all went to get a brush-up on how to communicate and make better teams. Actually, it was not only us, but the whole it department totaling to 42 bodies. The man to guide us was Ejnar, a former … Continue reading

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Mucking out the office

Our bosses – in their divine wisdom and all – decided that last Friday was to be big muck-out-the-office day. Some of us thought that it really wasn’t necessary, but they insisted. However, it turned out to be a good … Continue reading

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Observing the observers

Today and tomorrow two guys from Information and Media Science will be observing how we go about our work – and how we don’t, I suppose – as part of their obligatory curricular activities. They’ll be doing seven rounds of … Continue reading

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Christmas decorations a.k.a. Stein Bagger tribute

Following tradition, we have a fair amount of Christmas decorations here at the office. The new pride of our collection, however, must be the Stein Bagger tribute.

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There’s nothing like the right t-shirt to boost self-confidence. It’s Mikkel in red and Toke in blue. Actually, we are considering making Superman t-shirts mandatory throughout the office.

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Pink Navigation

Haven’t see the navigation by colour concept before. It works well, however at – apparently “the world’s largest Japanese gadgets and lifestyle design shop”. Given the amount of pink stuff on the site, I expect their customers to be … Continue reading

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