SolrWayback Machine

Another ‘google innovation week’ at work has produced the SolrWayback Machine. It works similar to the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine ( and can be used to show harvested web content (Warc files).  The Danish Internet Archive has over 20billion harvested web objects and takes 1 Petabyte of storage.

The SolrWayback engine require you have indexed the Warc files using the Warc-indexer tool from British Library. (

It is quite fast and comes with some additional features as well:

  •  Image search similar to google images
  •  Link graphs showing  links (ingoing/outgoing) for domains using the D3 javascript framework.
  •  Raw download of any harvested resource from the binary Arc/Warc file.

Unfortunately  the collection is not available for the public so I can not show you the demo. But here is a few pictures from the SolrWayback machine.



SolrWayback at GitHub:

About thomasegense

Thomas Egense Mathematician Works at The State and University Library, Denmark
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