A few Highlights from the Digital Libraries #DL2014 conference in London

This post is written at the DL2014 conference in London in September, where it’s warm and sunny 🙂

My visit started at the Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU Policy Level workshop on Monday. This workshop had an interesting panel debate and brought together a number of EU projects in the digital preservation area. Jette Junge will probably blog about this workshop on the opf blog following up on this post.

Tuesday morning at the main conference started with a Keynote by Prof. Dieter Fellner from the Frauenhofer Institute, who talked about 3D-Digitization of Cultural Heritage. He told us that 90% of museum artifacts are hidden in archives, and he proposed using 3D-digitization for preservation and restoration, and maybe replication? He talked of his vision of 3D Cultural Heritage Artifacts as First Class Citizens in Digital Libraries, and he showed us an example of Manual 3D Digitization of “paper” from the Easter Islands. He also showed us some cool 3D scanner gadgets and asked the (rhetorical) question

Is this just implementation or is it research?

And he presented a number of research challenges:

  • Faster processing, Improved Workflows, Cost Reduction
  • Improve methods and standards for Geometry, Texture, Material Properties
  • Automated Markup and ….

There are already some projects working on speeding up the process: DOME, ORCAM, CultLab3D.de (industrial) and on serving the 3D models to the user using 3D internet, and X3DOM. There is the challenge of 3D Color Printing. And there are a number of Open Issues such as

  • Digital Rights
  • Signatures
  • Certification
  • Formats
  • Long Term Preservation

I see a bunch of interesting Research (and implementation) Challenges in this. I just find it difficult to put it into a State and University Library context 😉

Next I went to (the important coffee break and next to) Session 1 on Preservation Strategies. This session had four interesting presentations. Note to self: acid.matkelly.com might be worth checking out (from the last presentation in this session Archival Acid Test: Evaluating Archive Performance on Advanced HTML and JavaScript by Mat Kelly)!

At lunch time I went to the TPDL Steering Committee meeting (back stage in the dressing room for the women’s choir). It was a long meeting, but a good one. I’m confident that the TPDL conference is on the right path and in the right hands – at least for the immediate future.

In the afternoon I went to Session 4 on Building Systems. Also four interesting presentations. The second one was ours Bridging the Gap Between Real World Repositories and Scalable Preservation Environments presented by Per Møldrup-Dalum. It was with cool crowd-pleasing slides and the elephant in the library was a success again!

Then there was the Minute Madness: Poster and Demonstration Session Preview with lots of cool presentations and more people on stage than off it seemed. And the actual Poster and Demonstration Reception in the Garden Room.

The Garden

The Room

I think I’ll publish this now. I may write about today and tomorrow some time. Or I may tell some of you about it offline. Especially the State and University Library web guys. You should be here. Lots of presentations involving Solr and crowd sourcing. Will you join us next year?


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  1. jeremy says:

    Seems to work. You essentially need a 4D sliding door that moves just far enough to let a 3D creature through while still blocking a 4D creature

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