SCAPE All-Staff Meeting 2014 in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal

People in our own department at the State and University Library have complained, that we don’t talk enough, tell enough, write enough about this SCAPE project, we are working on, so here goes. I won’t tell you about the SCAPE project from the beginning. SCAPE stands for SCAlable Preservation Environments, and it has a project website, where you can read newsletters and deliverables and about the tools used and developed in SCAPE. What I will tell you about is the All-Staff Meeting 2014 in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal. We are four SCAPE’rs from SB at this meeting. We had a long trip, that is over 10 hours, and we arrived after midnight Sunday, so I guess that would be Monday morning. The meeting started at 9 with General Session I: Welcome & Reports, which was more interesting than it sounds. It included introduction of new partners and status reports from the different subprojects and the TC. After the coffee break, we had the General Session II: Product Elevator Pitches. There were some really cool talks about the SCAPE CloudManager, about Sharing SCAPE software through virtualisation (using Vagrant) and a lot more. My favourite was of course Asgers talk about SB Repository Integration:


And now I’ll try to speed things up a bit. We were staying at the Axis Vermar Conference & Beach Hotel. There were good lunches and a beach with magnificent waves, and a lot of parallel meetings with a lot of product presentations, some discussions and some road maps. After lunch I went to the Testbeds meeting, which concluded that all the Testbed partners have

  • Hadoop test platforms
  • Large scale test data sets (at least 1TB)
  • Test workflows

Coming up is

  • Finish development of workflows (preferably yesterday)
  • Performing experiments and evaluations
  • Writing blog posts and deliverables
  • And then there are the on-site demos to be announced in April and held in May

On Tuesday we had General Session III: Productisation. In this session I was involved in the xcorrSound discussion. We mostly discussed “Entry Points”, such as microsites, Github source, SCAPE-Project website, blogs and demo pages. We discussed the type/level of information they contain (i.e. what information different users are interested in), and especially that some people may be search via use case and want to know what tools will be useful rather than search for tools via their functionality. We decided to use microsites as central point of contact/information about a tool, and we should ensure microsites have a consistent look and feel. And we decided contact information is important, and I am now listed as maintainer of xcorrSound (already were in some places; will update others). We also talked about improvements and extensions to the xcorrSound demo page and a reference installation. After this I was at the PW (Planning and Watch) meeting. Then the PC.QA (Preservation Components . Quality Assurance) meeting. My work in this work package is also centered around xcorrSound. We mostly talked about the road plan, which looks roughly like this:

  • Checkpoint: Implementation of QA workflows (Hadoop version; done)
  • Checkpoint: Implementation and release packaging (Tool packaging; done)
  • Milestone: Release 3 benchmarking and validation tests (Todo)
  • Deliverable: Knowledge base of characterisation and migration errors (KB)
  • Deliverable: Quality Assurance Workflow, Release 3 + Release Report (Todo)

After this we had Product Forum I – Scalability with more interesting presentations. And then the SB group went to a nice fish restaurant by the beach. Wednesday morning there were more meetings, but none in which I was required, so I went for a walk on the beach and collected seashells (and got sand in my shoes). After lunch, we had the Product Forum II – Tools session, in which I had a presentation/demo on xcorrSound.


This will also be included in the upcoming in house demos at SB. The last session was “Reporting back and closure” and everybody was tired. The most interesting for me was from the TCC (Technical Coordination Committee) meeting: there will be a white paper on how we get from preservation plan to execution environment in SCAPE (some time). And there will be a SCAPE workshop and all-staff event in connection with the DL2014 conference in London in September. And now I better pack and get ready for going home. We are leaving at 10am Thursday, and we will probably be home around 1am Friday…

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