Using lineman and maven together

tl;dr: Want to use lineman and maven together? Get the lineman-maven-plugin.

At the State and University Library we have traditionally been using Java, JSP and related technologies for our web frontend development. Of course with a healthy dose of javascript in there as well. Our build tool has moved from ant to maven but as our use of javascript became more advanced and we started developing more single page apps it became clear that the advanced tools for javascript weren’t readily available in a Java world.The web development community now have a huge selection of tools all written in javascript and running on node.

We looked at some of the build tools available – from writing our own setup using grunt to the more complete frameworks like yeoman and lineman. In the end lineman was the one that suited us best with its relatively simple approach and focus on sensible defaults.

Integrating lineman with our existing maven setup proved frustrating. We tried using maven-exec-plugin and maven-antrun-plugin but neither of those could really give us a nice way of running the correct lineman tasks alongside our jetty server for local development as well as using lineman to build the javascript parts of our projects and integrating it into the final war file.

So in the end we developed a small maven plugin ourselves to make this integration easier. The result is the lineman-maven-plugin available under the Apache License 2.0 at github.


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