Juglr 0.0.1

Yesterday I did two things (well many more things, especially some boring things, but I am not gonna lament those for now); I released Juglr 0.0.1 and moved the Juglr Git repository to GitHub. First about the release…

Juglr 0.0.1

What is Juglr: It’s a small asynchronous messaging and actor model library for Java 6 and later. It utilizes a no-fuzz approach, meaning that there is no domain specific XML, autogenerated code, or pre- or post processing steps. Just plain old Java as you know it.

I promised 11 days ago that the first Juglr release would be out “Real Soon Now”(TM). And if you bear with me and accept that 11 days is “soon”, then here you are. As the version number indicates this is not something that I would deploy in a production environment just yet, but it’s still a functioning release.

UPDATE 2010-01-15: Released Juglr 0.0.2 with some fixes in HTTPServerExample

Moved Juglr Code Repository

As you may be aware the Juglr project started out on Gitorious, chosen because it is open source, supports Git, and is quite fast. However I was in bad need of a file release system and a bug tracker and Gitorious didn’t provide this. Source Forge is slower than the human mind can comprehend and I really wanted to use Git because it seems to be the DVCS with most traction here at the State and University Library of Denmark, so no Launchpad for Juglr even though LP is my prefered project hosting (since LP only supports Bazaar, not Git).

After evaluating a few options GitHub provided all I needed and then some. It’s very fast and I like it already.

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