Summa Moving to SourceForge

Yesterday I had the pleasure to announce on the mailing lists that Summa has reached the first milestone in migrating to SourceForge, and here follows the blog post šŸ™‚

From now on all Summa code is hosted and developed in the “summa” project on SourceForge now, in addition all bugs have been migrated from our old GForge solution to a Trac instance hosted via the cool new “hosted apps” functionality on SourceForge.

We will also move the mailing lists over in the near future. The fate of the Summa wiki is still left unclear.

I must be frank and admit that I have long felt that SourceForge was in a bit of a standstill applying only visual refreshes every now and then, and never fixing the real issues with the site. However the new Hosted Apps approach is simply sweet! There is a huge list of popular open source products you can choose to run on your site as a hosted apps (see an incomplete list here). For instance; some may surprised to know that popular version control systems such as Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar is supported as well as Subversion. Right now we run only a Trac issue tracker and a Subversion repository.

On a personal note I must still admit that my heart lies with the recently open sourced Launchpad, despite the recent kick-assiness from the SF team.

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