Faceting and Flash Disks in the Gobi Desert

As has been mentioned in many different places the code4lib 2009 videos are now online.

Those that missed the finer details in Toke’s talk about complete faceting of 100 million documents can go see the video here. Lots of good, nerdy stuff.

Toke and Mikkel also both gave lightning talks.  Mikkel’s talk about how easy it would be to set up a Summa installation in the Gobi Desert was on day three, and is available here. He is on somewhere near the middle of the video (number 5 of 9).

Toke’s talk about Flash Disks and how they will save everyone of us was on day two, and can be seen here. His talk starts about a third of the way into video as number 6 of 16 (he is actually on twice – the first first attempt without any graphs in his slides is number 4…).

Watching the videos really make me want to go to code4lib again next year.

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