Rising Summa

The people higher up in the food-chain has decided to provide a Summa based search backend to public libraries in Denmark. For an annual fee, Statsbiblioteket handles the flow of data from raw dumps to webservices and keeps the servers running. Maintenance, money and sales is fairly boring, seen from our developer perspective, but tweaking Summa to allow for easy experimentation and setup has been very rewarding.

As usual Mikkel weaved his magic and created a package (read: A collection of scripts and all the JARs from the Summa project) that makes it very simple to set up a local Summa for experimentation. The working title was Summix, but we all know how it goes with working titles.

With some late night fiddling, the complexity was reduced to “Unzip and run a script”, which gets a Summa demo running with a skeleton web front end. Added bonus? It runs under Windows as well as Linux (and probably OS X too, but we haven’t checked). We will write a tutorial on the wiki Real Soon Now.

Getting there...

Getting there...

About Toke Eskildsen

IT-Developer at statsbiblioteket.dk with a penchant for hacking Lucene/Solr.
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