Speed thrills

As part of Summa 1.3 planning, we set up some performance-goals: Indexing speed should be 500+ records/sec, storage extraction speed should be twice that and so on. Paired with the magnificent VisualVM and a penchant for bit-fiddling, we’ve often found it hard to go home from work: The hunt for the next speed-increase has just been too exciting. Yes, we’re lost cases.

Experimental patching of the H2 database, introduction of an optimized replace-framework and severe reductions in object allocation has been part of the last few weeks. Boringly our main time was spend on new features and bug hunting, which our fearless leaders strangely enough thinks takes precedence, but oh how those glorious moments of “We got a factor 10 speed increase in Analyzer Foo” makes up for all that.

About Toke Eskildsen

IT-Developer at statsbiblioteket.dk with a penchant for hacking Lucene/Solr.
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2 Responses to Speed thrills

  1. eskildsen says:

    Before anyone asks: 500 records/sec is not especially fast. It is just a minimum for the workflow that involves our old legacy-XSLT’s. They are kinda heavy and requires secondary transformation to be used in the new architecture.

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