33,333 XSLT woes

I am not the XSLT guru at work, I just call the buggers from the code. Then I get drafted into debugging the little rascals, when they freak out and drag the whole indexing workflow down. Excavation unearthed that we don’t have a limit on recursive calls. An OAI-record had turned up with 33,333 subjects (no, I am not making that number up) and the default Java Transformer happily processed those in a recursive manner. Happily until the StackOverflowError roared and bit the head of the indexer.

What kind of maniac makes a record with 33,333 subjects? It turns out that it actually makes some sense. The record was about plankton. Apparently there are three trillion different kinds of plankton (yes, I am making that number up) of which 33,333 was of interest to the writers of said record.

Here’s to A. acanthos, bergonii C, pseudofrigida c C, Subeucalanus monachus, Vibilia armata, Zygosphaera sp. C and all the rest. Long live biodiversity.


About Toke Eskildsen

IT-Developer at statsbiblioteket.dk with a penchant for hacking Lucene/Solr.
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One Response to 33,333 XSLT woes

  1. kamstrup says:

    Dude. You are ~totally~ the XSLT guru here at the office.

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