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Summa 1.3.0 Live and Unleashed

As Toke hinted earlier we released Summa 1.3.0 yesterday. It is no secret that the 1.3.0 release cycle was longer than we planned for, but in the end I think the gains have been worth it. It took a lot … Continue reading

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Speed thrills

As part of Summa 1.3 planning, we set up some performance-goals: Indexing speed should be 500+ records/sec, storage extraction speed should be twice that and so on. Paired with the magnificent VisualVM and a penchant for bit-fiddling, we’ve often found … Continue reading

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ThreadLocal StringBuilders for Fast Text Processing

It is a common task for many server-like applications to process a lot of text-like objects in some streaming manner or other. Many Java programmers tend to think that it is a very good idea to do it like this: … Continue reading

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XSLTs for inspiration

We have decided to publish the XSLTs used for the Search website at the State and University Library, Ã…rhus, Denmark. The files are provided “as-is” under the MIT License. They are meant to be used as a source of inspiration, … Continue reading

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Adventures in the land of databases

The tale of three databases In the olden days Summa used a Postgresql database as a backend for its caching/presentation engine, also called the Storage. Postgresql served us well – good performance and good reliability. The one drawback was that … Continue reading

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33,333 XSLT woes

I am not the XSLT guru at work, I just call the buggers from the code. Then I get drafted into debugging the little rascals, when they freak out and drag the whole indexing workflow down. Excavation unearthed that we … Continue reading

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