Code4Lib travel tale day 0

The trip to the US went quite well. Of course Mikkel decided to give us a little scare by turning up in the last minute while keeping his mobiles switched of. Naturally Mads was pulled aside by the security people in Billund and body searched. Even his shoes were x-rayed. After Mads had cleared security we were of to Amsterdam. Here Toke had a small slip-up with his filled water bottles as we didn’t count on going through security again. This time security decided to pull us aside and interview us as a group. “Are you friends or colleagues?”. “How long have you known each other?”. We answered politely and Toke discarded his water and once again we were airborne.

After a couple of movies and some games we landed in Detroit. Again security literary barked up our tree as they demanded that all passengers “form a single line against the wall”. The purpose of this was luckily enough not to shoot us but to let a dog sniff to us and our bags.

After a short layover with yoghurt and coffee we were of to Providence. Happy to tell we arrived safely and in one piece.

Pics later….

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