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Lightning Talks

Wednesday Toke delivered a lightning talk about the marvels of solid stats drives. Unfortunately Toke had to use to tries as his images (graphs) were not displayed on the conference MAC the first time. People were clearly impressed by the … Continue reading

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Code4Lib day 3

Ian Davis the Talis CTO held the keynote this Thursday morning. The topic was information sharing in the past and in the future. Ian claimed that the the success of the web was not just about free (free as in … Continue reading

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code4lib day 2

(Notes by Mads and Jørn, showeled in by Toke, let’s hope we find the time for proper edits later – we’re running very fast here, but it’s great) Keynote: Sebastian Hammer Journals and books will disappear faster than we think. … Continue reading

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First timers – code4lib day 1

First timers, please raise your hands! And the room was full of raised hands. The time is 9.00, the conference has started and everybody’s alert and ready to participate. The atmosphere is great. We’ll add notes throughout the day, so … Continue reading

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Code4Lib travel tale day 0

The trip to the US went quite well. Of course Mikkel decided to give us a little scare by turning up in the last minute while keeping his mobiles switched of. Naturally Mads was pulled aside by the security people … Continue reading

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Into the night – code4lib day -1

It was a dark and stormy night when three travellers set out on a journey to the land of code for libraries. A dog barked when the wind picked up the remainder of leaves long fallen. Moving in haste by … Continue reading

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Mat on, mat off

A mat materialized in front of the coffee machine and with such disruption of the local tranquility, the office exploded in frantic chatter and predictions of future coffee-drop-driven civilizations in the fabric. None were pleased! Yes, we know that we … Continue reading

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