Who manhandled the whipper?

Yesterday the coffee machine started displaying the very self-explaining error message “Whipper XX overload”.

Self-explaining error message

Self-explaining error message

Nobody really knows what this means but since the machine still seems capable of pouring mediocre coffee there is no panic yet. So the bottom line is that we still got coffee but somebody has manhandled the whipper to an extent that caused overload. We will let the service guy/girl sort out the rest.

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12 Responses to Who manhandled the whipper?

  1. Colin Rosenthal says:

    I tried entering “Whipper XX” in Google. I am now much wiser, but not about coffee machines.

  2. Damn whipper! We have a similar problem with our Wittenborg 7100, although ours says “Whipper XX Error”, thats after the service person came aswell, what did they do to yours? 🙂

  3. Jørn Thøgersen says:

    @Colin: interesting….wisdom comes in all shapes…

    @Michael: Actually the service person is looking at it right now. We will keep you posted.

  4. Heh, ours have decided it hasnt got a whipper error any more…odd?

  5. We’ve still got the Whipper XX Overload here at Statsbiblioteket. Surprisingly enough, the tier-1 support team did not escalate the issue, when we reminded them this morning. “It still makes coffee, right?” was the depressing retort.

  6. cormac says:

    Hey Colin, interesting blog. I don’t recognize the canteen in the cake post – did they knock down the big one across the road?

  7. matsod says:

    OMFG, this thing seems to spread like a airborne virus! This morning when I came to work in Gothenburg, our Wittenborg greeted me with “Whipper XX Overload”-message. We opened up the machine and jiggled the different devices and then it suddenly disappeared. (The message, not the machine).

    On the other hand, “Whipper XX overload” is a fantastic band name. Don’t you think?

  8. Jørn Thøgersen says:

    Actually our machine did the same thing again a couple of days ago. The service guy came and jiggled the milk whip and the machine was good to go again.

    It seems that jiggling the Wittenborg’s internals is the way to go with this error massage.

    And yes the message would definitely be a fantastic band name.

  9. Niels says:

    “Whipper XX Overload”-message at Skejby

  10. Jørn Thøgersen says:

    The virus is spreading…

  11. bf laupstad says:

    “Whipper XX Overload” = a Little seal ( it cost 7 kr) on the whippermotoraxle just behind the whipperdisc who need to be replaced, it`s leaking Water into the axle front bearing, so it`s get stuck……:)’

    Just turn the whipperaxle and do a rinse procedure a couple of times and the error is gone.

  12. Jørn Thøgersen says:

    Thanks for info laupstad. Good to know the mechanics behind and remedy to this problem.

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