Learning how to comminicate and cooprate in teams

Yesterday we all went to get a brush-up on how to communicate and make better teams. Actually, it was not only us, but the whole it department totaling to 42 bodies. The man to guide us was Ejnar, a former school teacher turned consultant. He also volunteers as a handball coach and was actually able to shout louder than anyone I’ve ever met. He was actually a very nice and down-to-earth fella.

The day involved identifying what good communication and teamwork is all about and eventually trying to work out areas where we could improve – both as a whole department and as individual groups. Ejnar employed an Open Space approach. It allows one to extract common themes from seemingly disparate, chaotic data. It worked nicely.

The highlights of the day were Ejnar spontaneously bear-hugging Mads – who is notoriously shy of physical human contact – and the discovery that the chicken-disguised-in-tomato-sauce served for lunch was partly raw.

Afterwards, we all went to eat and drink at Bryggeriet. We had a nice roast and several good beers. Especially the the Christmas Brew (yes, still available) and Dark Ale was great – the latter with nice notes of liquorice.

The day in photos (thanks to Toke)
Unfortunately, we have no photos of Mads being hugged…

A little team building before lunch



Doing the Open Space job.

The consultant’s suitcase(s).

Me talking. Please note the subtle Acer logo from the projector.

Free beer and dinner. Nice.

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