Yesterday our fearless leader Hans returned from a 2 day ‘prevent negative stress’ course. In what appeared to be sudden inspiration he shouted out:  “Checking off prevents negative stress”.

In a otherwise very quite day at the office this  statement inevitably triggered some curiosity. So the story is:

Scientific research shows that the level of endorphins in the brain increase when we check off things. And it has to be the actual physical checking. Doing a mental check does not have the same positive effect.


Being a conscientious employee I immediately decided to follow his advice and started ticking all the small tasks during the day.

And by the end of the day I was sitting with a handful of post it notes, most of them full of tasks, that was checked. And I actually felt pretty good. A day that otherwise easily could have ended with the feeling of not getting any important work done, instead ended with the feeling of actually taking a lot of small but  important steps toward finishing some major tasks.

Write blog post.

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  1. Blog post read. Check!

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