Mucking out the office

Our bosses – in their divine wisdom and all – decided that last Friday was to be big muck-out-the-office day.

Some of us thought that it really wasn’t necessary, but they insisted. However, it turned out to be a good idea. About eight desktop computers, three or four flat screens, an uncountable number of keyboards in different flavours, mice and other pointing devices (with and without cords), t-shirts, books, and extreme amounts of packaging and paper, were discovered. Apparently, all this was just sitting in corners, under tables, on shelves, without any one really noticing any longer.

Some shots from the day (by Toke)

Lazy sun. Can’t you just feel the dust?


Doing the actual cleaning took almost all day.


Recovered bottles


Recovered desktop boxes.


Final result. Nice, but where is the creative spirit? It looks a bit like an average office in a governmental institution.


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One Response to Mucking out the office

  1. But aren’t you an average office in a governmental institution? đŸ˜‰

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