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All the cake you can carry

Today is annual eat-all-the-cake-you-can-eat-or-carry in the cantina. The concept is straightforward: 62 cakes. 20 kroner. One plate. Obviously we have a strong tradition of commemorating this day. This year was no exception. (Actually, this year the concept celebrates its 10th … Continue reading

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Who manhandled the whipper?

Yesterday the coffee machine started displaying the very self-explaining error message “Whipper XX overload”. Nobody really knows what this means but since the machine still seems capable of pouring mediocre coffee there is no panic yet. So the bottom line … Continue reading

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Learning how to comminicate and cooprate in teams

Yesterday we all went to get a brush-up on how to communicate and make better teams. Actually, it was not only us, but the whole it department totaling to 42 bodies. The man to guide us was Ejnar, a former … Continue reading

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Yesterday our fearless leader Hans returned from a 2 day ‘prevent negative stress’ course. In what appeared to be sudden inspiration he shouted out:  “Checking off prevents negative stress”. In a otherwise very quite day at the office this  statement … Continue reading

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Mucking out the office

Our bosses – in their divine wisdom and all – decided that last Friday was to be big muck-out-the-office day. Some of us thought that it really wasn’t necessary, but they insisted. However, it turned out to be a good … Continue reading

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Summa Ubiquity Command

Some time ago I played around with a new Firefox extension called Ubiquity. It is a graphical keyboard user interface allowing the user to easily execute various commands without cluttering up the interface with buttons. I have created a summa … Continue reading

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