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Toke’s Christmas Present for Y’all

Just one last status update before I rush off to buy the last Christmas presents. Toke just converted Summa’s internal Lucene document builder to use the new XMLStreamReader found in Java 6, instead of using some XPath/DOM magic we had … Continue reading

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Scp magic

Ever needed to copy a file from one host to another, but being forced to go over an intermediate host because you don’t have the rights to access the machine with the file directly? Let me put an end to … Continue reading

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Observing the observers

Today and tomorrow two guys from Information and Media Science will be observing how we go about our work – and how we don’t, I suppose – as part of their obligatory curricular activities. They’ll be doing seven rounds of … Continue reading

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Hurry! The train is coming!

Ye Olde Chu Chu Train aka Stable Summa proved to be not so stable after all. Or did it? Well, that depends on the eyes behind the big finger of blame… A high-profile source for the Search system at Statsbiblioteket … Continue reading

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Christmas decorations a.k.a. Stein Bagger tribute

Following tradition, we have a fair amount of Christmas decorations here at the office. The new pride of our collection, however, must be the Stein Bagger tribute.

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Wroum Wroum!

I just committed a pretty hefty optimization of our generic database backend. The optimization is in the area where we put records into the system – in Summa land known as “Ingest”. 1 hour of profiling, 200 lines of test … Continue reading

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The devilish details

We’re working hard to make Search from Summa. Yes, a bit confusing, isn’t it? But as the enlightened reader knows, Summa is the general back end and Search is the specific installation at Statsbiblioteket – including all the little tweaks … Continue reading

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