I had the pleasure to visit Helsinki this Tuesday doing a presentation about Summa. The audience was a good mix of librarians, technical people, and decision makers so I tried to strike a middle balance in the technical level of the presentation.

It was a two-hour thing so I was a bit nervous about whether the timing would match up in the end. Luckily it did that very well.

It was in relation to the Finnish National Digital Library project and I was number two (of three) presentations that day. You can find more information about the program here (sorry, Finnish only, but there is a picture of me me me!). I found this english article about the Finnish National Digital Library.

You can download an annotated PDF version of my slides on the Summa wiki. The PDF export messed up with the gradients a bit, but it is readable 🙂 I will have the ODP sources and PNGs up when we have a proper place to host such things. If you want them feel free to email me.

Helsinki Central Station 2 Porthania, Helsinki University Porthania, Helsinki University Helsinki Central Station 1

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One Response to Helsinki

  1. michaelpoltorak says:

    He, he, nice picture. Couldn’t help noticing the link to the summe wiki below the picture: it reads: Summa-wiki-sivu. Apparently, wiki in Finnish is wiki-sivu. Cool language…

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