Poltorak’s law of blog activity (PLBA)


Its relatively quiet here at the office right now. Summa 1.0 and even Summa 1.1 are out the door and the new version of Statsbiblioteket’s search engine has been released too.

At the same time, I’ve noticed, the activity on this blog has gone down quite considerably. Actually, I would expect the opposite to happen: more time, more time to think big thoughts and blog about them. But not so, apparently.

Observing this, I propose that: Blog activity is proportionally related to general work activity.

I call this relationship Poltorak’s law of blog activity (PLBA).

The general idea is that its easier to blog when being busy because you are forced to think less about what you blog about and in what style. When there’s much time available, however, own expectations about the outcome and quality of the individual blog post raise and pressure to deliver also goes up. As a result less blog posts are produced when time is an abundant resource.

I hope to be able to elaborate on this relationship in an upcoming article, but right now I have the time for it. Keep you posted.

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3 Responses to Poltorak’s law of blog activity (PLBA)

  1. As a little stone in the shoe I must report a case that may prove you wrong. After I left Statsbiblioteket I have obviously been working more hours and more intensively than before. But at the same time my blogging activity has heavily _decreased_. This should be the opposite according to your law.

    This is not to suggest that you’re theory is totally useless – my point is just that you may need to develop it a bit with a few exceptions or if-structures.

  2. This may be a hint in your further work:
    Poltorak’s law of blog activity

  3. Michael says:

    Interesting addition there, Jens.
    I’ll refine the theory by saying that the proportional relationship between work activity and blog activity is only true until a certain threshold. Once that threshold has been passed, blogging activity begins to fall again.
    In other words: when you work too much blogging activity slows down. So: don’t work too much.

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