The Summa Sandbox

For a while we have been talking about making a Summa Sandbox where we could show how Summa was being used. Both some of the real life production stuff but also the more experimental stuff we sometimes make.

Something we implemented a long time ago is OpenSearch. Using OpenSearch it is possible to add the search from the State and University Library to the Firefox search bar.


Because we have an OpenSearch interface it is also possible to add the result of a search to an rss reader and that way get automatically notified of any new books in the result set.


We have also successfully used our OpenSearch interface to quickly try some things out – the rss format is extremely easy to parse and use in pretty much any programming language.

One of the things we have made is a gadget for iGoogle.


It allows you to search the materials at the State and University Library and shows the first 5 hits in a compact format. Clicking on a hit will take you to the full record at our regular search website.

To try it out go to your iGoogle page, and click “Add stuff…” then click on “Add feed or gadget” in the menu on the left. In the input field enter the following url:

Keep reading this blog to stay updated on other things we might try out.

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2 Responses to The Summa Sandbox

  1. I think all the modern browsers support the open search feature in their search bar.

    At least IE7 does and that usually means everyone. đŸ˜‰

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