Happy Camper

We are very close to wrapping up Summa 1.1, our list of tasks for 1.1 is almost fully ticked off. In fact one item remains…

“Being able to cope with boring work” – I wonder why this issue is the last one to be addressed 🙂

Really – I am a happy camper, Summa 1.1 was on a tight schedule packed with new features and rewrites of core components and it looks like we’ll ship on time. Here’s for hoping that no last-minute problems crop up. I can’t wait to write the release notes – they’re going to be pretty packed 😀

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5 Responses to Happy Camper

  1. Okay, okay, I take the hint. I’ll try and find time to finish the release test for the automated workflow tonight!

  2. kamstrup says:

    Oh no! Don’t! You’ll just put pressure on the rest of us who like to slack off! And by slacking off I mean hacking on Gnome-stuff of course 🙂

  3. I’d appreciate if you used you hacking skills on the goods you’re supposed to bake for tomorrow’s meeting. I’m looking forward to a muffin that sends messages to Twitter at each bite: “Help, I’m being eaten alive!”, “Oh no, there goes the chocolate bits!”, “Good bye! Bury my crumbs by the oven.”

  4. Erik says:

    Skal vi kede os sammen 🙂

  5. The automated workflow now flows. Green light from here, let’s wrap this gift and give it to the world.

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