Deadline time 2

Its deadline time again. Today we’ll be releasing the new version of Statsbiblioteket’s search engine, Search. We tried to do that last week too, but had to postpone.

Today, though, we’re confident that all is well and that about 9 AM we’ll be up and running with the new system. And again, as you can tell from the photo from 7.38 AM, the office is calm.

We’ll be posting updates throughout the day.


Update 8.40 AM

There’s a little more buzz. Some guys from another department are getting Hans on his heels. But this is standard procedure at release time.

We now also have candy courtesy of Mads.

Update 9.01 AM
We are LIVE.

All seems to work well, apart from material status. We are not quite sure why…

Photos from the minutes just before deploy:

Update 10.15 AM
We are having problems with some types of materials. Apparently this is related to the SFX server running on mars (a server) not being able to talk to debit (another server).

Update 11.15 AM
Availability bug is fixed. All is well.

Update 14.29 AM
All systems are go. Requests roll in. Only few errors. We are happy

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One Response to Deadline time 2

  1. kamstrup says:

    Update 16.10 AM
    All systems are DOWN.

    Update 16.30 AM
    All systems are back up. Mikkel is the hero of the day

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