jQuery steps up

Both Microsoft and Nokia seem to have embraced jQuery. Microsoft have incorporated the JavaScript library into Microsoft Visual Studio and ASP.NET (leaving the native support for Ajax in .net intact) and Nokia plans to include it in their WebKit and widget development platform.

We currently use the Prototype JavaScript library for the front-end here at SB. Michael has briefly tested the jQuery library on another project and he seems quite happy with it. As more and more attention draws to jQuery the development of the library will naturally accelerate. If Prototype looses the race this will in time force us to consider to switch libraries in future development and port our Prototype based script to jQuery.

The Prototype and jQuery libraries can co-exist (with some tweaking and consideration) but personally I would prefer a clean break if it comes to that.

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2 Responses to jQuery steps up

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  2. It seems to be a very good idea to do the necessary work to change platform to jQuery – and do it as a total exchange, not to let them co-exist, as browsers are very ‘sensible’ to different types of javascript, styling etc…. it is easier to find out how to come over these troubles in an actual case, if you have only one library to concentrate about.
    And yes, all ‘gurus’ seem to try to use jQuery as their platform especially now, when Microsoft and Nokia come out with the application plans.

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