Summa Bomb

Tuesday we celebrated the open source release of Summa here at the office. Hans had made marzipan ring cakes (kransekage) and brought real Champagne (yes from the Champagne district in la France).

It was all real nice with speeches from the director and all the head honchos.

However, the real clue of the event was the Summa bomb.

Jens, who used to work on the team, but left for a job that paid better, gave us a small suitcase containing a bomb. The intended use was a bit unclear, but nonetheless Birte (boss leaving for a job with our sworn enemy in Copenhagen) took it with her.

A few hours later Aarhus Railway Station was closed due to a bomb threat. We have since learned that there was no connection between the two incidents, but the bomb is still nowhere to be found…

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