Wroommm and we have lift-off!

So, the word is out. Summa 1.0 hit the web.

It has been a great ride to develop Summa over the past years and a joy to finally have something to show the world.

Somehow I can’t help but (humbly, very humbly) compare it to the launch of a certain hadron collider in a solar system  near you. Summa 1.0 is not up to full power yet, we have not flipped all the switches on yet. That will come trickling in over the next minor releases from now.

We’ve spend a long time designing and writing the individual components that make up Summa. All the core stuff is enabled for 1.0, like duh, searching – but also more blingy features like facet generation is switched on. I can’t wait until we will switch on the turbo boosters in the form of the fully distributed workflow and really start to flex our advanced filtering framework.

Here’s to the future.

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