Step by step

We are already well on our way towards our next Summa milestone which is 0.9.0 and slated for this Tuesday.

It is quite exciting times actually, as we are now assembling the bits and pieces we have been coding and designing over the past year(s). It is no secret that it has sometimes felt like sitting in the middle of huge puzzle trying to snap together four pieces of the total 10.000 pieces.

These days we get to stand a bit further back and assemble the smaller chunks we did in the past, and get glimpses of the final big picture. It seems to fit together nicely.

The things scheduled to hit 0.9.0 are among others:

  • Sample run over an OAI harvested data set (ingest, index, and search). Until now we’ve only used smaller test sets.
  • Enabling of the Facet Browser
  • Exposing our interfaces as web services
  • A very simple test website using the web services
  • Remote deployment and management of services and clients

Anyway, still tonnes of work to do. No time to blog!

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