Summa Milestone 0.8.0

Just pushed milestone release 0.8.0 to the Summa project site. It is still not a functional search engine as such, but is getting closer each day. At a breath taking pace I might add. Code is landing on trunk by boat loads.

If you are very keen on seeing where we are grab the binary release and run through the tutorial. Feedback is very welcome on the summa-devel list.

Back to work. Summa 1.0 is getting closer by the hour!

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2 Responses to Summa Milestone 0.8.0

  1. Looking very much forward to the release. Go, boys, go!

  2. kamstrup says:

    @Jens: You better! And we have features lined up for 1.1 and 1.2 already.

    Please notice how I made that sound like those features have never been planned for 1.0, but always scheduled for post 1.0 ;-P

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